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Hollie Bakerboljkovac offers an integrated approach to whole body wellness at her new facility in Wallace Street.

Braidwood is on the forefront of a new revolution in health, says Wellness Specialist Hollie Bakerboljkovac. “With an already overburdened medical system, anything that empowers individuals to take control of their own health and utilise practices that have been shown to reduce pain, decrease stress and live longer is a must for any community.”

Hollie is passionate about ‘empowered wellness,’ after a seven year battle with post-viral chronic fatigue syndrome that doctors and other professionals could not help with. “I stopped looking to the local medical system and I started reading the latest research. I was my own experiment, because I had to be if I was going to get out of disease and into an enjoyable life.” She says she’s now stronger, healthier and better than ever before.

When her health practitioners started to ask what she was doing, and whether she would share what she learned, Hollie began speaking at events, coaching, and wrote a book detailing her Wellness Protocol.

To this day, Hollie still spends many hours a week reading research, listening to interviews and studying various areas of health. “I have an holistic approach, meaning at all times the focus is on the whole-body. Your body is made of trillions of cells – it’s an amazing organism that evolved in a natural environment over hundreds of thousands of years. We must approach our health with the same wide view.”

A coach, therapist and self confessed ‘nutrition junkie,’ Hollie believes the best cure for all disease is to not get sick in the first place. “Wellness is what you do when you’re busy not getting ill.” Although, she says she knows it sounds simplistic, she wishes to empower people with tools that give them autonomy over their own health journey.

Hollie works with the principles of nature to provide a protocol that anyone can follow, based on how cutting edge science integrates with human evolution in the natural world. “My experience shows that disease is reversible. It just may mean making different lifestyle choices.”

“My research focuses on circadian biology, neuro-plasticity and evolution. It shows up in my therapeutic style, natural movement training and real food therapies. Sessions are a combination of everything I’ve learned from studying health for over twenty years.”

Braidwood Holistic Therapies is located at 110 Wallace Street. Consultations are available with Hollie, Wednesday to Friday.

BHT practitioner Hollie Bakerboljkovac sees clients for Wellness Sessions at her Facility in Wallace Street. Book your session online or phone (02) 4243 8032. 

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Integrative Therapist & Coach

Hollie Bakerboljkovac has a 20+ year career in natural health education, psychotherapeutic practice and movement training. She is passionate about Wellness, and will help you to overcome the patterns in your life that limit you from being all you can be.


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