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Weight Loss for Wellness Group

You’re invited to join Braidwood’s Weight Loss Support Group if you have concerns about your current weight, and would like assistance to drop the weight in a healthy manner.

Come to BHT on the first Saturday of the month at 2pm for :

  • education
  • accountability
  • coaching
  • support
  • community

Integrative Therapist and Coach, Hollie Bakerboljkovac provides a supportive space to explore your weight loss journey. Hollie has 20+ years experience teaching about health, and facilitating groups for self-growth and empowerment.

Wellness Focus

The focus of Braidwood’s Weight Loss support Group is to increase wellness and maintain health. Obesity is linked to many chronic diseases, and generally makes a person feel uncomfortable.

Excess weight increases your chances of developing problems including high blood sugar, diabetes and heart disease. Some cancers are more likely with obesity. Osteoarthritis, Gout, Gallbladder disease and gallstones and breathing problems also relate to higher obesity.

People who are overweight and/or obese are known to have increased blood pressure, which is a leading cause of stroke.

A wellness perspective encourages group members to focus on overall health, rather than an arbitrary number on the scales.

Evidence Based Focus

Education and Self Development are important aspects to Weight Loss Support. Hollie provides information about the latest scientific evidence supporting weight loss, and helps individuals in forming more efficient habits for sustained weight loss.

In Braidwood’s Weight Loss Support Group you will receive education about :

  • Food
  • Habits
  • Psychology
  • Movement
  • Fitness

Body Positive Focus 

Body positivity means accepting the body you have as well as the changes in shape, size, and ability it may undergo due to nature, age, or your own personal choices throughout your lifetime. Your body shape is seperate from your worth.

To be body positive, it is important to assume responsibility for figuring out what your body needs. Hollie’s Wellness Focused support provides a framework for loving the body you have, and working with what you’ve got regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

Community and Accountability

Working in a group can add to good feelings about your target outcome. Joining with other people with a common interest means you have support, not just form the group facilitator (Hollie), also you are building a connection with others who will be your cheer squad in times of difficulty.

An accountability group—in which a small bunch of people share their goals, report back on their progress and hold each other accountable—is a fantastic way of getting things done. Accountability eliminates the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior.

Join the Group

Braidwood’s Weight Loss Support Group runs on the first Saturday of the month at 2pm.

Cost : $15 per session or $120 for 10Pass.

BHT is a purpose-built Wellness Facility with a private room for one-on-one sessions and groups.

110 Wallace Street, Braidwood.

Book your place in the group via email or phone (02) 4243 8032. 

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Integrative Therapist & Coach

Hollie Bakerboljkovac has a 20+ year career in natural health education, psychotherapeutic practice and movement training. She is passionate about Wellness, and will help you to overcome the patterns in your life that limit you from being all you can be.


(02) 4243 8032

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