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At BHT, Natural Movement is a therapeutic practice to reconnect you to your innate ability to be strong, flexible and authentically Well.   What is Natural Movement? Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It focuses on the… Continue Reading…


Physiology researchers report that a sedentary (non-moving) lifestyle is a leading factor in just about all causes of mortality. Recent headlines read : “Sitting is the New Smoking” and “Why You Should Move More.” Wellness Specialist, therapist and coach, Hollie… Continue Reading…

Integrative Therapist & Coach

Hollie Bakerboljkovac has a 20+ year career in natural health education, psychotherapeutic practice and movement training. She is passionate about Wellness, and will help you to overcome the patterns in your life that limit you from being all you can be.


(02) 4243 8032

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Integrated Listening System

iLs is an exercise program for improving brain and body function. Based on neuroplasticity research, iLs supports rewiring of the brain and polyvagal nervous system, via a multi-sensory program combining auditory, balance and visual exercises.

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