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BHT Resources

Find resources including info sheets, printables and exercises here.


Number 39 of the Self Crafted Wellness Points is to Keep Learning. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The Gestalt Prayer

Was displayed on the wall of the BHT Facility (and toilet).

Many people comment on it, so we’ve made it available to you to print out and put on your own wall.

The Gestalt Prayer by Fritz Perlz 






To get your own copy of the 52 points for Wellness download here >>>


Self Crafted Wellness

52 Action Steps

Wellness is something you must work toward, ongoing, maintaining and honouring life’s transitions as they occur.

Read more about Self Crafted Wellness here >>>

52 Steps for Self Crafting poster


SCW Principles

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods may change, but principles never do.

SCW Principles


Weight Loss Support Resources

Monthly Targets Tracking Sheet >>> BHT Weight Loss Support Tracking Sheet


Get Educated Info Sheets  

iLs information sheet 

Animal-Assisted Therapy information sheet 

Kinesiology information sheet 

Flower Essences information sheet

MCT Oil information sheet





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