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Refer friends and save

Did you know that referrals can save you on your own Sessions?

If you’re loving BHT services, and want your friends to receive similar benefits, you could suggest they try a Session too.

Every friend or family member you send our way, will give you discounts on the cost of your own Sessions and group classes.


Referral Types

Sessions : Every friend you refer to an Initial Session will give you 5% off the cost of your own Ongoing Sessions, for life. eg. if you refer five people, your ongoing session cost would shrink from $90 to $67.50!

Classes : Every friend you refer to Movement Classes (Motion and Ninja), and who purchase a 10Pass, will give you your next 10Pass at $100. (usual price is $120)

Groups : Every friend you refer to Weight Loss Support Group, and who purchase a 10Pass, will give you your next 10Pass at $100. (usual price is $120)


Terms and Conditions

1. Your referral must mention your name at Initial Session/Movement Signup/purchase for you to receive the discount benefits.

2. To be a successful Session referral, your friend / family member must attend and pay for an Initial Session.

3. To be a successful Classes/Groups referral, your friend must purchase a 10Pass within their first 3 classes.

4. Classes and Groups referrals are one time discounts only. Sessions are 5% discount for life.

5. There are no referral offers for Red Tents, because the price is already Pay What You Can.

6. Referral offer begins May 2019.

7. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. Changes will be posted to this page. braidwoodholistic.com.au/refer

The BHT Referral program respects client confidentiality. Your session details will not be shared with friends who come to BHT. 


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