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Ninja Training in Braidwood

Perfect for highly active girls and boys, and parents who need to move more.

Learn ninja-style moves and techniques in a safe and facilitated framework.

Offering all the athleticism of a gymnastics class, all the discipline of a martial arts class and all the excitement of freestyle movement play.

Ninja Training includes a series of functional movement drills, rolls, kicks and climbing, and obstacle course racing.

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What To Expect From Ninja Training

Ninja Classes are designed to help your child develop physical and physiological skills, confidence and self-discipline. Focus is on integrative techniques, encouraging progressive, functional movement, and self regulation to help your child become a more capable human. It’s not only the teaching of skills, but also the method of teaching and the delivery from the teacher that comes together to contribute to positive, balanced growth in your child.


About the teacher

Hollie started Martial Arts at age 4, and had received black belts in Karate and Tae Kwon Do by the age of 16. Back then, Martial Arts was taught with a focus on power, domination and “no pain- no gain.” Many Martial Arts are still taught with this approach – but it is absolutely NOT the model for BWD Ninja Training.

As a Functional Movement coach (MOVNAT), Wellness Practitioner and Therapist Hollie’s movement classes have a multi-modal approach. The overall aim is to resource individuals to be at their full capacity, particularly when dealing with fear and stress in everyday life. We are not only up-skilling how we move our bodies, we are also up-skilling how we think, do and live life.


Join the Ninjas

Braidwood’s Ninja Training Class runs Mondays during school term, at the Bombay Road Outdoor Gym (and in the Scout Hall when the weather’s crazay).

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