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5 or 14 : Wholebody Balancing

At BHT, Hollie uses kinesiology in Wellness Sessions, as one of the many tools in her kit to help clients maintain wholebody balance.

The client’s body provides an amazing bio-feedback system that easily interprets individual needs. Muscle testing can help balance your thinking, moving, eating, doing and living for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of life.

This model of kinesiology does not treat or diagnose symptoms, but works with the energy, lifestyle and aspirations of the client, offering a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance.


What’s a muscle test?

Kinesiology relies on the body’s muscle feedback system; our amazing internal communicator that provides instant access into the extraordinarily complex information held by the human self’s operating system – aka the subconscious.

Otherwise difficult to access, the subconscious holds all of our memories, the information about physical, emotional and mental states and it also determines our muscle tension. By accessing the bio-system via muscle monitoring, kinesiology can get quite specific and very quickly come up with the right answers.

Muscle tests are applied to identify and correct energy blockages within the body. Gentle muscle monitoring can give insight into the body’s patterns to locate imbalances. A “weak” muscle test can indicate a negative effect or input somewhere in the system.

Using the body’s own system of assessment bypasses conscious thinking processes to get to the root of an issue, whether emotional, psychological, in the subconscious, or the body or other levels. Working in this way enables the body to clear itself by its own rate and priority.


The 5-point Check 

The 5-point Check relates to the monitoring of the 5 Elements of Wellness from Hollie’s Self Crafted Wellness Protocol. Each Element is checked with a muscle test to find out if the body’s energy related to each element is flowing efficiently. If there is an imbalance, the finer details of the element are cycled through the muscle test to identify where the client’s attention will best be focused for change. This is an interactive participatory technique (and you remain fully clothed during the muscle monitoring) usually standing.


The 14-point Balance

Based on a “balance as you go” method, the 14-point Balance relates to the monitoring of the 14 energy meridians of the human body. Each meridian is checked with a muscle test to find out if they are “switched on”. If there is an imbalance, the corresponding reflex is gently stimulated to balance the system. This is an interactive participatory technique (and you remain fully clothed during the muscle monitoring) usually standing.

In this video, Touch for Health practitioner, Terri Kaus demonstrates a 14-point Balance session. Note : Hollie usually performs muscle tests with the client standing.



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