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Keep Calm and Keep Your Appointment via video

2020 continues to try our sensibility as we pull together as a community already affected by so much this year.

As always, at BHT your best health is the priority.

Following advice from government BHT will be continuing business as usual. We’ll be practicing good hygiene, of course, and minimising physical contact with clients.

If you don’t want to / cannot leave your home, please see below.


Video consultations

There is no need to cancel your appointment or postpone your Wellness targets!

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your home, or are quarantined or have become sick, BHT is ready and fully equipped to provide your session via video. We use a program called Zoom that can be easily downloaded to a computer or smart phone. It is simple and easy to use and does not cost you extra to take advantage of it.

Please make contact to request your consultation over Zoom if you’d like to take up this option.


Appointment Cancellations

Face-to-face appointments are the lifeblood of my business.

I understand that you may need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, especially considering the current circumstances; I just ask that you respect my time and give 24 hours notice so I have an opportunity to fill the gap. Don’t forget that any session can be shifted to video link (Zoom) as an alternative to cancelling.

To ensure that BHT can continue to offer you a high quality service, the late cancellation policy will remain in place. A condition of booking is that if you fail to give 24 hours notice for reschedules and cancellations, you will be charged a fee to cover the time your appointment was scheduled.

This fee may be waived with the provision of a valid medical certificate as I understand that sickness can take anyone by surprise.


Another thought on all of this

Humans are a relational species. We need each other.

It wasn’t so long ago, (only a couple of months) that we were all rallying together to fight a shared enemy and keep each other, and our town safe. That same shared focus will continue to serve us now through this, another unknown and never before experienced time.

Remember to be kind, look after your nervous system, nourish your brain, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed seek help. This is not the time to turn away from friends, family or your therapist! Lean in to your loved ones, and remember that we’re all in this together.


Thank you for your business

I appreciate your support and patronage during a particularly stressful period in all our lives. Thank you for trusting me to walk with you on your own Wellness Journey, and to sit by you as you make important changes for long lasting health.


Hollie B.


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Hollie Bakerboljkovac has a 20+ year career in natural health education, psychotherapeutic practice and movement training. She is passionate about Wellness, and will help you to overcome the patterns in your life that limit you from being all you can be.


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