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Healing Groups for Bushfire Affected People

That’s ALL of us!

There isn’t a single person who lives in, near or visits Braidwood who hasn’t been affected by the 2019/20 fire situation.

It’s been a trying time for all of us.


Everyone is different – and the same

Although each of us has a different lived experience of the Bushfires, we have all been affected by a major situation together.

Everyone is affected.

You don’t have to have lost your house or property to be affected.

You don’t have to have been evacuated to be affected.

You don’t have to have burned ground to be affected.

You don’t have to have lost work or finances to be affected.

You don’t have to have been fighting a fire to be affected.


if any or all of those things happened to you, you are affected.


Stressful conditions can bring you to your knees

It’s not uncommon for stress, grief and trauma to arise after a natural disaster. It’s even more expected when the disaster spanned the length of time our 2019/2020 fires did.

Seeking help sooner, rather than later could be the best thing you do for yourself in 2020.

See here for 10 ways to check if you need counselling >>>


Healing Together

Braidwood Therapeutic Groups are here to support you in healing and recovery.

You don’t have to deal with this on your own.

Participating in therapy with a group can add to positive feelings about your target outcome. Joining with other people with a common experience means you have support, not only from the group facilitator (Hollie), also you are building a connection with others who will be your cheer squad in times of difficulty.

Our community has shown that we can work together in times of difficulty.

What if we heal together too?


Available to everyone, no matter your financial situation

Therapeutic groups will run regularly in 2020, beginning in February for Trauma and Grief.

These groups are available to anyone who may be in need.

Each group runs fortnightly on Thursdays at 6pm, alternating each week between the 2.
i.e. Week 1 & 3 = Trauma Group / Week 2 & 4 = Grief Group.
Sessions run for approx 1.5 hours.

Check dates and book here >>>

Groups are on a Pay What You Can structure.

People who would like to contribute may put any amount in the Group Payment Box.

For those who can not spare the resources, Braidwood Therapeutic Groups is free.


Registration is necessary

Please register your interest to attend a group by booking online here.

To ensure a group dynamic that will provide support and healing, we require a minimum of 4-5 people to attend.

People who are experiencing trauma or grief often find it difficult to make decisions or commit to events. We acknowledge that commitment is difficult, and that pre-registration can actually assist you in showing up for therapeutic assistance.

After you make your booking, Hollie will call you to confirm.


If you’re interested in providing grass roots support for this initiative, go here >>> 


2 themes, 1 aim

Therapeutic groups alternate in theme between Healing from Trauma and Coping with Grief.

Healing from Trauma focuses on recovering from traumatic experience and building strategies for ongoing resilience.

Coping with Grief focuses on recovering from loss, change and bereavement.

Often we can be dealing with grief and trauma all at once. After a natural disaster it’s common to sit with both grief and trauma.


Facilitated by an experienced practitioner

Groups at BHT are facilitated by Hollie Bakerboljkovac. She has over ten years experience offering psychotherapeutic services both individually and in groups. Hollie has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, and is a professional member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).


Try it at Braidwood Holistic Therapies

Book to attend a group here >>>

Braidwood Therapeutic Groups must meet minimum numbers to run. After you’ve registered your interest Hollie will call you to confirm numbers and go ahead date.

Hollie also provides individual (non-group) Trauma-informed services, in Sessions at BHT. Book your session online or phone (02) 4243 8032.


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