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Habitstylist Program

A Habitstylist is a coach who works with you to get your habits in order, and motivate you to keep up your expectations for best living.

At BHT, Hollie offers a Habitstyling subscription, where you receive coaching via sms or email for your Wellness targets. This is useful for clients with current targets who don’t need therapy sessions every week. It is also a favourite for those who wish to develop better targets.


A stylist for your habits – create a life that sets you free 

Choosing to signing up for a Habitstyling is a win-win for you!

Like a fashion stylist or a design stylist, a Habitstylist is experienced in the science of creating well functioning, and beautiful habits. Hollie has been studying the research on habits for years, and has learned that which is most helpful for (and hinders) individuals from meeting their targets.

Some people find it difficult to meet inner expectations, and having external accountability can help to meet your targets. Others like to have someone around who will motivate and support you.


What you will receive :

Habitstylist clients start with a 10-day online course in developing clear intentions, targets and defining the Habits you would most like to focus on. Topics include :

  • creating your perfect day
  • visioning your hopes and dreams
  • defining your targets
  • habit auditing
  • prioritisation and choice

After you have defined your first target, you will report it to Hollie. You may choose from email, sms or phone call check-ins. You will receive regular check-ins to help you stay on track and coaching to introduce new targets when the time is right.

Think of it as a coach in your pocket!


Is it the same program for everyone?

Your targets and how you reach them are individual to your personality, life experience and current life phase. This is taken into account when working on your program. Whether you want to report your weight, receive motivational messages or get assistance with the Self Crafted Wellness Protocol, Hollie can tailor your program for you.

What kind of communication works for you? Most people choose the SMS method for communications, but you may also choose from email or phone calls. SMS messages are sent three times per week. Some people love talking on the phone, and others love an SMS chat where they can be more succinct.

If you need more regular check-ins, SMS is the way to go. However, for some people regular checks will be overwhelming. If you require someone to work alongside you so that you have a dedicated moment in which to set your priorities and be held accountable as you move through the week, email may be the way to go.

Hollie supports and encourages your targets, helps you check your priorities and inspires you to make your Big Wild Dreams real.




Subscribe through BHT

It’s $35 per/month on subscription, and you can pause/cancel anytime. If you would like your own personal Coach and accountability buddy, with messages sent directly to your phone or email three times per week, to check-in on your lifestyle targets and motivate you to achieve your dreams : email BHT to begin.


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