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The Birth Map : available at BHT

BHT is a proud supporter of The Birth Map, written by local author and Birth Cartographer Catherine Bell.


What is a birth map?

Birth Cartography creates a map and compass, providing information to help you navigate along the path that is most interesting and most comfortable to you.

The Journey is important. How we get to the destination leaves a mark, it becomes the foundation for the next adventure: parenthood.


Why have a birth map?

You have a right, and a responsibility, to be informed.

A myriad of evidence supports the birth mapping approach as not only a powerful tool to support women, but also their partners and care providers.  The Birth Map has the potential to save the pubic purse $100M annually in birth costs and a further $158M in perinatal mental health for women and men. Author Catherine‘s dream is to see a copy given at the booking appointment for every pregnancy.

Women are asked to provide informed consent during pregnancy and in birth for various medical interventions.  The problem with this, is that not enough time or information is given to fulfill the informed component.  Usually a ‘need to know (NOW)’ approach is taken.  This is stressful and not conducive to making decisions, let alone informed ones.  Coercion is a problem, as insurance-driven policies put pressure on care providers to direct birth towards medically ‘controlled’ options.


For all women

The Birth Map vision is that no woman ever again has to say “I wish I’d known to ask that…”

It is not just the mother and her birth partner that benefit from Informed Birth Preparation (IBP). Care Providers benefit too. An informed, supported and confident client is more likely to have a calm, straight forward birth.

A Birth Map created through the Informed Birth Preparation process provides the framework from which to work, giving the care provider confidence that the client has been truly informed. The Care Provider is an active participant in the process, encouraging questions and answering them as best they can. The final document is a summary of the discussions had, and a record of informed decisions. This has legal weight.


Get yours from Catherine >>> 

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